Key Stage 2

Habitats and Species
Our day programme offers the opportunity to apply scientific knowledge of water and woodland habitats to a real-life setting.  Children can observe, identify and classify local species of flora and fauna, while collaborative activities develop crucial social skills.

Myths & Maths
Our Myths & Maths programme includes both literacy and numeracy elements within a variety of engaging activities based around the theme of giants.

River Studies
This programe offers first hand experience discovering the reality of the water cycle and river processes in the local landscape.  Children will see evidence of erosion, deposition and human management of the force of water.

Early Peoples' Settlements
This flexible programme can easily be adapted to cover Stone, Bronze and Iron Age and will help children understand the chronological order of human history in the British Isles.  Our stunning Round House is the focal point for delivery of this exciting skills-based programme.

Stanley's Stick
This programme uses the John Hegley book of the same name to explore the woodland environment surrounding Nell Bank.  As well as discovering lots of interesting things about the flora and fauna of this landscape this programme is a great stimulus for creative play, art and writing.

Schools Linking
Nell Bank has worked with Schools Linking for over a decade, delivering activities which create a positive social atmosphere.  The programme enables children and staff from diverse communities to meet, learn together and make friends.

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"An excellent, well organised day...great to allow the children freedom to work together."  (KS2 Class Teacher)

"The children developed teamwork and communication skills.  The visit helped children learn about the outdoors in a kinaethetic way."  (KS2 class teacher)


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